Boy Marries Girl |Happy 30th Anniversary

My dad always looks so serious. My mom always looks like a model!

My parent's have been married for thirty years today. That is a long time..even the (-th) sound takes a while to roll off the tongue. I couldn't be more blessed to have such great parents. My mom is the creative one. She and a friend actually planned her own wedding. She always brags about how she bought her dress for twenty bucks (imagine how she gasped at the cost of mine. ha!) Still can't operate a VCR to this day, but as a complete vegan can make "cheese" out of cashews and it actually tastes good! She can flawlessly execute a dinner party with all the bells and whistles at the drop of a dime. My dad is the analytical one. Got a problem...spend two minutes with him and he will break it down to the nucleus. I've never met a better listener (and talker!) He is so GQ, I mean just look at the fit in the picture. With those qualities combined how could I not have been wonderfully made!

Happy Anniversary. Love you guys!


Featured | The Perfect Wedding Guide

The fall/winter edition of the Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide has just been released. This guide has been a wedding planning resource in the Atlanta area for some time now and has taken on a new look. More modern and appealing to you, the savvy bride. I am beyond ecstatic to share with you the new guide along with my features in "Ask The Experts" and "Attention to Details"!

View the entire guide here:

Masculine Monday | Cute Cuffs

So I am violating two things today...my original post for today was axed because of the cutest pic that I just came across. Secondly, I have used the word "cute", now three times in my masculine post, creating the biggest oxymoron ever. I'm such a rebel.

image courtesy of Geoff White Photography

Talk about some handsome cuff links! What a great wedding detail!


Haute Event | The One Night Stand

Calling all my budget savvy brides hurry over to The One Night Stand Event to register for this awesome bridal auction for the designer dress of your dreams. You know we are all about looking fabulous on our strut down the runway...I mean aisle!
When: Tomorrow
Sunday, 10.24.2010
4pm - 7:30pm
The W Midtown (check out this awesome venue!!)


Fabuless Friday | A Vase from IKEA

I must say that I was an IKEA stalker waaaaay before they opened in Atlanta. The amount of stuff they can cram into 250 sq. ft. is amazing! They have the most quirky looking accent pieces that are great additions to any wedding design. Take these bud vases for example, a mere $2.99. Add a vibrant bloom in a group of three…and voila, you have a beautiful cocktail centerpiece.
Be inspired by the sleek wedding stylings of JL Designs

This lovely cocktail table can be scooped up at Target!


Thoughtful Thursday | Planning A Fall 2011 Wedding?

Start scouting your local home décor and crafts stores for deals on their fall décor now. You will be amazed at the deals you find as they try to make room for the Christmas décor. My personal favorites are Pier1, HomeGoods, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

My only caveat, develop your design plan first.

Not everything you think is cute will compliment your OVERALL wedding design. Buying without purpose will not save you money, it will cost you major bucks and take up lots of space in your home for an entire year! If you think it’s too early to think of your entire design plan, only pick up small accent pieces for the cocktail hour or a great stand alone piece for an escort card or sign in table.

Check out these swoon-worthy images of fall decor inspiration from the talented photographer Geoff White.

Artificial pumpkins will be super easy to find this time of year!

Simple fall foliage added to a napkin, can be a great accent to any place setting!

Floral filled metal pails make great pew marker for an outdoor fall wedding!

Try filling them with acorns with a brightly colored ribbon attached!

Absolutely love the rich hues in this stunning centerpiece!

Ever considered a tall, robust wooden candlestick as a floral container?

Fall accent pieces look great on cake, sign in, and escort card tables.

Try finding a fall themed stamp to make place cards and table numbers.