CB Wedding Design | Bridal Headress

I am currently swooning over how beautiful this bride is in a floral halo.  I just love it!



Beautifully Engaged | Mia + Garry

I am really excited about all the fashion forward couples I have this year.  They are all great visionaries and a huge asset when designing the atmosphere for their day.  Mia and Garry are one of the cutest couples I have ever met!  Mia has the sweetest southern accent and Garry is quite the savvy businessman, but from their engagement session you would swear they were models.

Just can't stand how stunning they are!!  I can't wait to see how amazingly gorgeous their wedding photos are going to be from their talented photographer Taun Henderson.


Design Details | Be Sweet To Your Guests

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It has been beautiful, but a tad on the warm side here in Atlanta.  And its just the beginning of April! We are gearing up for some great spring soirees and fabulous summer fetes!

I am very much into ensuring guests have the best time at our couple's weddings, so from a design standpoint I always keep them in mind throughout the process.  Seeing that the summer has gotten an early start here in the South, I can only imagine the heat we may be experiencing this Summer.  Why not treat you summer wedding guests to a fabulous treat...snow cones!  I saw this image and mouth watering quickly ensued.

Depending on your overall look you can incorporate these cool summer treats in many ways...
A snow cone station during an outdoor cocktail hour
A snow cone food truck
Or your bartender can serve them up all night with a little added "spirit"!

 Head over to this blog for some tasty recipes that I am sure you may want to try before the big day!