Are You Ready To Tie the Not!

The Not Wedding is a unique showcase of premier Atlanta wedding vendors who are hand-picked to produce an ENTIRE wedding, from beginning to end! Unlike bridal shows where you only see a snapshot of a vendor's work, The Not Wedding afford brides the opportunity to experience exactly what that vendor can do for your wedding. From ceremony to reception, you experience it all. For more information, visit their website. Oh...BTW, this event is next Sunday, April 5th at the W Atlanta Buckhead Hotel. I am sooo excited to attend and hope to see you there.


Fit For A Princess

Soooo...I was in Nordstrom's the other day (shh..don't tell my husband!) and came across the cutest little number perfect for the precious princess who has been given the honor of preceding you down the aisle.

And what's even more loveable is the price, $56.00! With the average price of flower girl dresses $100.00 and up, believe me her mother will thank you! To view this cute little number, click here.

Take My Breath Away...

Not the song in this case...but the versatility of Gypsophilia or more commonly known as Baby's Breath. This flowering plant is used as a filler for floral arrangements, especially for weddings. But who knew that this background artist could steal the show solo. From bouquets to cakes (even invitations!), use this farily inexpensive bloom to achieve a simple, yet chic look for your wedding.


DJ...Play That Song!

This is the cutest song...ever! I think it would be appropriate for a wedding, not exactly sure where it would best fit... at some point during the reception, perhaps? Which made me think of how important music is for a wedding. It will completely set the tone for your day. If you are anything like me, music can tell the story of your entire life! If only I could sing the life I live... But I digress. Have you thought about...What songs will you and the bridal party get ready to? What will you walk down the aisle on? What will be playing during your first dance? What will be the grand finale tune? As if there weren't enough decision to make for a wedding! My thoughts on the subject to ensure a great time is to know the type of reception you envision and your guests. Do you want a very formal affair with intimate conversation and background music or a packed dance floor with the DJ spinning the Top 100 until 2 am? Will your guests consist of an older, more conservative crowd, a bunch of twenty and thirty-somethings looking for a party, or a mixture of both. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly. Whether you opt for a DJ, a live Jazz band, or a barbershop quartet, make sure your entertainment knows EXACTLY the type of atmosphere you want to create. As an example, my husband and I picked out 5 hours and 39 minutes worth of music categorized by type (i.e., jazz, big band, pop, reggae, old school, etc) and told our DJ what to play, when. We wanted to create a different atmosphere at every stage of the wedding from cocktail hour, to dinner, to party time of which he was very well aware. Each type of music served a purpose, however, we did leave room for him to improvise if necessary. Call me anal, but as evidence of what can be accomplished by this let me introduce...

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

I rest my case!

Above all, have fun. There is no better (or easier) way to tell the story of your love for each other than through song. Your guests can experience your first date, the first time you said "I Love You", or the first concert you went to, all because of a particular song that was playing in the background.


Different Love Languages

Invitations are the frame of anticipation to your wedding. Why not start to incorporate the blend of cultures at this stage? What do I mean, you ask. To embrace my husband's culture we printed some of our invitations in French to send to some of our guests. It's an inexpensive gesture that will speak volumes to your in-laws. And besides, to see our invite printed in the "Language of Love" made me melt on the inside. J'ai adoré ça! (I love it!)

Haute Bride

For my bridal fashionistas, the 2009 Pepe Botella Bridal Collection leaves me speechless.

You too, right!


Eat My Dust!

Erin Gilmore Photography

The World Famous Bridal Event at Filene's Basement is coming to Atlanta on this Friday, March 20th. So get you running shoes ready to get the designer dress of your dreams for a price you can't believe! For more information, click here.


Rain, Sleet, nor Snow...

...will stop a bride! We showcased our designs at the V-103 Bridal Show on March 1st. As we saw on that Sunday, nothing can stop a bride on a mission. Not even snow! Despite the dreary weather, brides came out with friends and family to plan the wedding of their dreams and Ciao Bella Weddings was in the midst to help make their dreams a reality. Showcased below is our creativity being limited to a 10' x 10' booth, imagine what we could do with a 2500 sq. ft. event space!
Ciao Bella Weddings


Whose Color Is It Anyway?

White..in this case. The stately look of a white wedding can sometimes overpower the boldest of colors. As seen in this Preston Bailey design. You will see that I am an avid lover of all things Preston Bailey. Such a talented designer. I strive to be just like him, when I grow up!

You can also create an ultra chic atmosphere that will keep your guests mingling.


A Blogger's Beginning

…a place where I can share my love of wedding and design, don’t mind if I do. Hi all of you that visit my blog, I am The Bella Blogger. The Beautiful Blogger. Not in the sense of personal beauty (but I have been complimented a time or two in my lifetime!), but my love of the beauty and design of weddings. It’s such a once in a lifetime event, and the ability to make a lifetime of memories from this one day is what I find beauty in. Believe me, I would have a wedding every year if I could! But I don’t plan on leaving my darling husband and we unfortunately don’t have the budget to pull that fete off every year (and besides my family probably wouldn't participate in my obsession!) so I get to experience this bliss with other couples through my event design company, Ciao Bella Weddings. Exciting Personalities. Rich Cultures and Traditions. Bold Color Hues. All these elements make for, not only a beautiful wedding, but a memorable event! And we specialize in pulling this event off all within your budget (maybe even lower than expected!)