Scandal Inspired Wedding Photo Shoot | Olivia and Jake are Married

Tonight is the fourth season premiere of Scandal and I couldn't be more excited to tune in.  Whether you're hooked on Olivia's incomparable fashion sense or one liners, I am waiting in anticipation to see "Where in the world is Olivia Pope?"  If you can't wait until tonight's season premiere and want to indulge in what I wish would happen...watch our Scandal Inspired Wedding photo shoot!  Now I'm definitely no Shonda Rhimes when it comes to crafting a suspenseful drama, but let me set the tone of the photo shoot with our back story!

Miles away from the scandalous drama at the big house on the hill, Olivia and Jake latch on to their new laid-back life on an island. Jake, devoid of stress, grows a beard; and Olivia lacking her cell phone, realizes that a quiet life crafting jewelry makes more sense than making jam, because well, that was just a fantasy.

After months of walking barefoot in the sand, Jake pops the question. They marry in a quaint art gallery near their new island home. The gallery is a space full of color and life, completely different from their grayscale world across the ocean. And it was just the two of them. Standing in the sun. Together.


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