The Bestie Bride

My best friend is engaged.  (insert happy dance, here) 

I have always been envious of those movies, where the main character has this one friend that she has been friends with for like ever and that is her go to gal.  Does that really happen in life?  Apparently it does...and to me! We have been friends since the eighth grade and have shared some major life events since then, so it is so exciting to share this time with her. 

Us...Graduating from High School

Us...at my wedding!
The best part of it all is that being in the wedding industry, she kind of has me as her wedding therapist if you will.  She calls me when she has concerns regarding a certain facet of wedding planning, and I give my opinion on what seems reasonable and what doesn’t.  Unlike a regular friend, I am a bride's best friend, literally.  I am overly interested in wedding stuff 24/7/365, so I could talk about her wedding all day long. Lucky for her, I am her best friend! Ha!  And unlike a regular therapist, we don’t have doctor/patient privilege, so I get to share our sessions with you on this blog. I did ask her if it were okay, of course!

Hopefully, our sessions will help those of you planning your wedding, no matter how far along you are.  We are covering it all!


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