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First Diagnosis | A Highly Organized Bride

My bestie has a type A personality of sorts. Not the overly obsessive characteristics, but everything, I mean everything, is done in order and on some sort of time line.  She got engaged on October 30, 2011 and by the second week of February 2012 this was her check list.

Wedding Date…Check
Budget Established…Check
Guest List Created…Check
Bridal Party Selected…Check (wait to you see what she sent us!)
Color Scheme Chosen …Check
Venue Selected…Check
Photographers Chosen…Check
Wedding Dress Ordered…Check
Engagement Photos taken…Check

Everything was done in. that. order.  She is in the process of choosing entertainment as I type.  What did I tell you?   She has a plan.

Her methodical way of doing things has led to a low stress level in planning. She is as cool as a cucumber, or at least she seems that way to me.  I think this is attributed to her planning things based on what is most important to her.  As you can see, nothing related to decor is on this list. And this is what I do!  Some brides, have contacted me about decor and haven't even chosen a venue yet!  It's all about what is most important to you.

Take home message.  Start planning your wedding based on what things are most important to you.  Try and limit these to the top three, and order them from most important to least.  Tackle these tasks first, after you have established a realistic budget.  Can you guess what the next session is about?


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